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At Heather Garth Primary Academy we want all of our pupils to be enthusiastic readers and writers who enjoy showcasing their developing literacy knowledge and skills. We develop pupils who have the stamina and ability to write at the age expected standard and who can transfer their English skills to other curriculum subjects and who are prepared for the next steps in their education.

We believe that children need to develop a secure knowledge-base in Literacy, which follows a clear pathway of progression as they advance through the primary curriculum. We believe that a secure basis in literacy skills is crucial to a high quality education and will give our children the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society.

We believe that a quality Literacy (English) curriculum should develop children’s love of reading, writing and discussion. We aim to inspire an appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage and a habit of reading widely and often, “magpieing” the skills of quality authors. We provide opportunities for writing for purpose and we encourage pupils to see themselves as authors. We promote the status of written work by providing opportunities for children’s writing to be “published” as a final piece as well as displayed throughout school- to celebrate achievements. Handwriting sessions are incorporated into English lessons.

We encourage our pupils to think and write creatively, be adventurous with their use of language and to write with clear purpose and for pleasure. We recognise the importance of nurturing a culture where children take pride in their writing, can write clearly and accurately and adapt their language and style for a range of contexts.

Throughout school, daily writing is not taught in isolation but through topic or novel based contexts to support and scaffold learning through the wider curriculum and encourages pupils to become enthusiastic and engaged with English.   

To support children in moving towards independent writing we provide a wide range of activities including use of film and imagery, modelled, shared and guided writing, peer editing and discussion. We encourage pupils to express their ideas, exchange ideas and to develop more sophisticated vocabulary, drawing upon what they have read and experienced across the curriculum.

Vocabulary is developed systematically and linked closely to the genres of writing being taught. We develop writing skills through a process which includes exploring and immersing children in high quality texts and examples, planning, editing, redrafting and presenting.

Children who can spell feel confident and are able to write with enjoyment. We want our pupils to be equipped with the knowledge and range of strategies for learning spelling and to be able to apply their strategies when spelling words in their independent writing. Each class has taught weekly spelling sessions and assessments of key spelling patterns informed by the national curriculum. As well as being taught through the wider curriculum, Common Exception Word lists are set for homework, with guidance on a range of strategies shared with parents to support home help.

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