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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum

Intent, Implementation and Impact

The intent of Heather Garth Primary Academy’s Physical Education curriculum is to inspire all children to enjoy a wide range of Physical Education from Foundation Stage to Year Six.  We follow the Get Set 4 PE scheme and are supported by Grassroots Sports Academy Yorkshire.

Physical Education will provide opportunities for all pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness, whether it falls under the category of:

  • Develop and Play
  • Inspire and Engage
  • Compete

During their time at Heather Garth all pupils will take part in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities, whether this is in-house or out of school. We believe that allowing all children the opportunity to take part will increase confidence and to fulfil their potential.

Physical Education not only helps to improve health and fitness, but builds character and resilience; helps to embed values such as fairness, tolerance and respect and develops essential skills such as language acquisition, leadership and teamwork.   It also teaches pupils to appreciate their own and others’ strengths and areas of development.

We aim to ensure that the pupil’s experience of Physical Education is positive and motivating and that their attitudes to a healthy lifestyle are firmly embedded in our curriculum.


The Curriculum is planned around the aims and content of the National Curriculum and the EYFS Development Matters with an identified clear progression of vocabulary, skills and knowledge from Foundation Stage to Year 6.  It recaps prior vocabulary, skills and knowledge learnt, continues to build on these points throughout each unit to ensure that pupils are prepared with the correct vocabulary, skills and knowledge for their next stage of learning. 

Each child receives 2 hours of PE curriculum time on a weekly basis these sessions are either delivered by specialist coaches or class teachers during PE lessons.   Children in Year 4 attend swimming lessons, where they are taught to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25m using a range of strokes and perform self-rescue.

In addition to PE in curriculum time, we also strive to provide opportunities for children to access extracurricular physical activity through a wide range of sporting activities.  These are planned in free time and after school.

In EYFS, PE is one of the Prime Areas of Learning and underpins the development of other skills such as reading, writing and attention. As such, it is given lots of focus and is encouraged using both the indoor and outdoor provision. Specific areas and resources have been developed for children to learn and practise specific skills including balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing and catching, kicking and moving in a range of ways.

They also access a one-hour discrete PE lesson each week which focuses on developing fundamental skills within a range of physical education activities.

Parents are able to support their children’s development in PE through regular updates and at Parent's Evenings, as well as being invited into school to support their children during Sports Day.

In the EYFS, children are introduced to the word ‘healthy’ and what this means. Children are given opportunities during their PE lessons and appropriate activities within provision to observe and discuss the physical effects that being active has on their bodies. They are encouraged to talk about how they link to ‘being healthy’. Adults plan focused activities during the academic year which enable the children to explore a range of foods and develop an understanding of which are healthy or unhealthy and the reasons why.

In KS1, pupils are taught two, one-hour long PE sessions a week. Pupils build on the fundamental skills taught in EYFS and aim to master basic skill movements such as running, throwing, jumping and catching as well as beginning to develop balance, agility and coordination. Basic tactics are introduced to the pupils as well as competitive sports whether that be competing against other children, teams or themselves.  Healthy lifestyles are also addressed in science as well as citizenship elements such as fairness, respect, resilience and teamwork.

In KS2, pupils are also taught two, one-hour long PE session a week teaching a variety of games, dance, gymnastics and athletics.  Pupils take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges and Year Five have the opportunity to attend Robinwood Activity Centre. 

Pupils are also provided with swimming lessons throughout Year Four to allow them to meet the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.

Pupils learn how to apply all skills taught throughout their school journey in isolation and combination as they develop an understanding of how to improve, evaluate themselves and others and recognise their own success. There is a bigger focus in both competition against themselves or other children.

Providing opportunities for pupils to partake in extra sporting activities allows them to practise and develop their skills learnt and how improve their ability to perform as a team.   These free time activities are planned with the Sports Ambassadors.    At the end of the year, we hold sports days where parents are invited in to support their children and a medal ceremony to celebrate achievements.

We work with the Local Authority School Games Organiser, Grassroots Sports Academy and make links with other local Sports opportunities e.g., Barnsley Football Club. 

PE is adapted when necessary to ensure it is fully inclusive and all children are engaged.


  • The profile of sport is raised throughout school.
  • Children enjoy a wide range of Physical Education from Foundation Stage to Year Six.
  • Children have increased confidence and fulfilled their potential.
  • The curriculum has identified a clear progression of vocabulary, skills and knowledge from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Through recapping prior learning and continuous building of vocabulary, skills and knowledge pupils are prepared for their next stage of learning and gained skills and knowledge for life.
  • The curriculum regardless of year group or ability has improved the wellbeing and fitness of all pupils at Heather Garth. Not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and discipline Physical Education  All pupils have been prepared, not only for the next year group, but gained skills and knowledge for life.
  • Our pupils see the positive impact of having a healthy lifestyle, and how they can use this knowledge and understanding to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monitoring, with a focus on pupil voice, drives curriculum improvement and pupil progress.


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