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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Over the year, all pupils have the opportunity to attend a variety of extra-curricular clubs run by school staff and outside providers. The benefits of after school activities for pupils are wide and varied, ranging from physical benefits due to the promotion of increased activity, to psychological and social advantages. Numerous extra-curricular activities work to teach children the value of working as a team to achieve a mutual goal -  a skill that will benefit them in their future occupation.

After all, if a pupil learns something new in an after school activity, it could boost their understanding of school subjects - even if that activity doesn’t relate directly to classwork.  Discovering that they have a talent for something can give pupils a new source of confidence or passion that translates into their behaviour at school. Similarly, engaging with new people in a productive environment helps to strengthen independence and confidence in pupils. The skills and habits a pupil learns during his or her school years help to shape the kind of future they will lead as an adult.

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