Year 6 Smart Cities

Date: 22nd May 2023 @ 1:57pm

As part of our computing unit 'Big Data 2', Year 6 have designed their on future Bolton upon Dearne. We looked at the ways we could use the internet to connect to devices all around our village to work together for the benefit of everyone. 
Ideas included:

Robotic nurses on the Mansion Park as lots of people can get hurt there.

Security cameras outside places people are likely to break in to e.g. school, shops, train station

Computers outside shops to let customers know whether stock is available.

Waiting times available outside hairdressers etc

Injury scanner at the train station and Mansion Park

Litter Robots near local shops to warn people about dropping litter.

Automatic swings at parks so you don't have to be pushed.

Face scanners at the care home to protect the residents.

Mobile post box linked to an app that appears when you need to post a letter.

Safe area to put dogs when inside a shop.

Motion and sound dector lampposts so that we can save energy.

Face scanner at shops that ID shoplifters.



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