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Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 7:54am

Hello everyone in Year 3 

Just checking in again and hoping that you are still keeping safe, but enjoying the nice weather that we are having. I know Mrs Duggan has been doing phone calls this week to make sure that everyone is ok and she has told me that these have gone well too. I keep having a little look on purple mash too to see how you are getting on and Mrs Duggan is doing the same. Don't forget you can write us a message on there when you finish a job and we will try to get back to you (obviously I will have to stop when the baby arrives, she's still very snug in my tummy I think). 

Something I wanted to mention that might be useful are some podcasts that I found. I have been listening to a couple and came across some for children that you could play in the background whilst you were playing in the sun or doing some work. David Williams Marvellous Musical Podcast is quite a funny one or there are a range of themes on the Fun Kids radio podcasts including Science, interviews with actors and authors or BBC radio 2's 500 word stories. I believe they are all free so it might be worth a try if you are getting a bit stalled for things to do. 


Thinking of you all and missing you lots. Stay Safe. 

Miss Walker

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