Money in school

Money for milk/trips etc needs to be put into the class registration tray a the start of the school day. this is not dealt with by the class teacher, so it must be in a purse or envelope which is clearly labelled with your child's name, class and what the money is for. The correct amount of money would be greatly appreciated - it is not always possible to give the correct change on the same day. Also, any change that is given is put back into the class tray and we prefer not to have large amounts of money in these trays at the end of the school day.


The school runs a "cashless" school meals payment system. Each child has their own PIN number and parents or children can put dinner money into the machine at the start or end of the school day. The machine is situated in school's reception area, next to the Learning Mentor's room. The school office has a copy of every child's number in case a child (or adult) needs a reminder!  

School Gateway (School Comms)

Parents can now make online payments direct to school. This is useful for dinner money, trips, milk etc.

Paying online is quicker and easier for parents, safer for children and more efficient for the school.

The system is called School Gateway, please ask the school office for help with, or instructions for, accessing the system. 

Charging Policy

The school has a policy of arranging, wherever possible, class visits to support the curriculum. Parents will be asked for a voluntary contribution towards these trips. Charges will be kept to a minimum and it is the parent's right to "opt out" of any arranged visit. unfortunately, the school may find it necessary to cancel such visits if sufficient funds are not available. for residential trips in school time, parents are required to meet the full cost except where their child is in receipt of free school meals, where some venues make a small reduction in costs. Occasionally we arrange for outside groups to put on performances in school, a voluntary charge for these is also made. 

Valuables in School

Children must not bring extra money or valuables into school. We will not accept any responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged.

The wearing of jewellery of any kind is not allowed in school. the exceptions to this rule are watches, ear studs and medical identification items, such as SOS chain/bracelet. Again the school will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

All jewellery, including SOS chains, watches and ear studs, must be removed for all PE> activities, including swimming.

 Head Teacher Mrs Jayne Winnard 

Mrs J Quinn / Mrs M Taylor

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